Kelli Frazier Is Making Bold Moves For Women Everywhere!!!


Kelli Frazier is the master of the creative voice in sports. She is all about the uplifting of women and helping them show off their voice in Sports and Entertainment. Knowing all of the difficulties that women have experienced in the Sports and Entertainment industries to make a powerful name for themselves. After work, more than 10 years in the professional sports industry Kelli Frazier worked at MetLife Stadium as Manager for Special Events & Service and then moved on to working at The Star: Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters as Special Events Sales Manager. During her tenure with the Cowboys, she decided to design apparel for women working in sports. Play Like A Girl is every woman in sports dream come true. Her designs are here to help women make even more of a statement as Woman Working in Sports.


LS: Tell everyone about your brand and journey?

KF: My journey in the sports industry is a little unique because I come from such a different side of the industry: hospitality. I worked in the private/special events sales & operations side of professional football, and transitioned my love for being behind the scenes, and being apart of what makes something look and feel great into my own business/brand. Play Like a Girl Apparel is exactly that: something that looks good and makes women in the sports industry feel good about being their authentic self as well. My brand is a constant reminder that women belong in sports.


LS: The ability to have a voice that is fueled by a strong platform is powerful. What does that power mean to you? What are some ways you use your platform to fuel your vision?

KF: I love uplifting people and speaking life into them. That’s real power to me: being about to help my fellow woman grow and become better. My platform is all about uplifting my audience. Every single piece of my line has some kind of message to uplift women in the industry, whether it’s humorous or straight to the point.


LS: Where does your creativity flow? How do you avoid burning out?

KF: I’m such an early bird! I’m up at 5 am every single day, and that’s truly where most of my creativity kicks in. It’s peaceful. I put on some music and put ideas to paper. I also give myself limits in order to never deal with burnout ever again. For every 2 hours of work I put in, I give myself a 30-minute break to decompress, focus and try to prepare for the next task. I also do not work aYer 5 pm, and if I find myself having to work past 5 pm, once my laptop dies, I’m done. Balance is everything.


LS: What would you say are the five rules to success in the sports industry?

KF: Consistency, patience, learning from your mistakes (because you will make several of



LS: If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?

KF: I really wish those of us in the industry would give ourselves some grace and embrace the journey. We are so quick to want instance, microwaveable success when it takes YEARS to build a career in the sports industry. Even for athletes. They put in years of work to create the success they desire. The same applies to us, industry professionals. Give yourself time to grow and figure out what your specific niche is. Just because your friend is killing it in ticket sales, doesn’t mean that will be your thing. Create your own path and enjoy the ride!


LS: What advice do you have for any aspiring designers?

KF: Trial and error is everything! Your first designs will not look like your future designs! There will be some designs you love but your audience will hate, and that’s okay! Not everything will be a hit, and those things that you think not a soul will buy, will be the ones. I just knew my‘Noun’ Tee was going to be seen as “corny” to my audience even though I thought it was clever. Let me tell you that thing SELLS! To the point where I had to offer it on other items! I was never so happy to be wrong! Give yourself time to grow and really fall in love with your craY. Do your research, reach out to others who already do what you are looking to create, and ask to set up a consultation (please do not ask to pick someone’s brain) and get your questions answered. It is not an overnight process.

LS: You have become a pioneer for other woman working in sports, how does that make you feel?

KF: It’s such an overwhelmingly, incredible feeling, especially as a black woman in the industry. Even hearing “I’m a pioneer for other women working in sports” right now made me blush because I still feel like such a youngin’ in the game with much more to learn! I’m only 30! Anybody who knows me, I’m humble as ever, truly an introvert. I enjoy being behind the scenes, so whenever I receive a message about inspiring another woman in the industry, them loving any of the merch they purchased from me, or being someone they look up to, the cry baby in me is in tears because I’m out here trying to make it just like them! It makes my heart smile.


LS: What was that moment like when you decided to make the change and create Play Like A Girl Apparel??

KF: I remember going on a website that had some really dope merch for women in just about every respected industry except sports and was like dang, I have never seen anything for us! Seconds later it was like a light bulb went off (almost like you see in old cartoons) like “duh, start your own!” I prayed over it, did some research, and got to work. The rest is honestly history!


LS: What is the hardest part of branding your busy?

KF: SOCIAL MEDIA! It is truly the most time consuming to me. There are so many things you have to pay attention to and keep up with, it is truly it’s own 9-5! I’ve come along with it too! I spend my Sundays preparing all social media content for the week.


LS: What is next for Kelly Frazier’s journey?

KF: Anything is possible! I never like to speak too prematurely but I’m finally at a place where

I’m enjoying where my journey is taking me in the sports industry. I went from working in the NFL to having my very own brand! I’m still in shock! I’m tempted to write a book about it! I know there are so many other young women in the industry who feel as though they may be the only ones experiencing their current situation, and I want them to know they aren’t and this too shall pass!


LS: Are there and success quotes you’ve adapted that you now live by that you want to share to encourage others?

KF: “Nothing beats a failure but a try” - My Mom