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Blood Stone By Author Melachi Taylor
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Take A Peek Inside **Excerpt Below**
Mika bucked against her restraints. The chair jerked but the duct tape had no give in it. Shaka took two halves of the double barrel shotgun from his back pocket and put them together, then loaded it, snapping it closed.
“Shaka,” she struggled. “Shaka, what the fuck are you doing?”
Ms. Della was standing in front of Shaka facing Mika. She smiled.
“It’s gonna be okay, Shamica. God...”
The double barrel was so loud when it went off that it seemed to shake the entire earth. Shaka was ruthless, but Mika didn’t know the extent of just how ruthless until this nigga blew her grandmother’s head off with a double barrel shotgun. Blood, brain, and bone painted and peppered the family pictures on the wall behind her grapefruit pink and red. Mika fought against the duct tape restraints binding her to the chair. She was completely helpless. 
One of Shaka’s goons stood behind her, forcing her to look at his boss’ gruesome display of revenge. Mika made threats but Shaka’s damage had been done and there was no taking it back. A single tear escaped Mika’s eye and trailed down her swollen, bruised cheek when her grandmother’s headless body hit the floor with a dry thud and began to jerk violently. 
This wasn’t the first time she had been a witness to death. Lord knows she put in much work with this nigga back in the day. But this was different on a whole other level. This was her grandmother.