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Ayana moves with desire, motivation & dedication for peace, power & position. Murdering her boyfriend has its own consequences. ....

Prada is more than a high-class escort. She has a shared affiliation with Ayana. Together they right the wrongs attempted by a sadistic deacon and an ex-pimp turned preacher. ....

The Reverend Mathias Lovejoy is near death after his wife's untimely death. His church is being threatened. The return of Ayana restores his life and changes his fortunes. .....

Amazon Link: http://tinyurl.com/kqtt2lw

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Peter Mack deftly crafts an erotic masterpiece that bends the genre to his versatile penmanship. He validates his 2015 PEN American Center book award with this tale of sex, violence, money and murder. After 18 critically acclaimed novels he has honed his flow to pristine precision. 


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