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Spend The Day With Some Of Your Favorite Authors
**In Atlanta March 4, 2017 From 1-6pm**
As a reader I love to experience an authors passion for the books they write. But I have always felt the one thing missing at book events was time!! So, I created the Divaz Luncheon and Literature Eat And Greet to celebrate literature in a fun friendly environment. A 31 Flavor type of reading experience!
My goal is for authors and readers to interact and network. Through this interaction we want to raise money to support a community program that believe in empowering the youth, supporting the power of creativity and arts, and improving literacy. Thru my event readers will get the extra time to spend with authors, that will produce a better love for that authors pen. I still have the traditional book fair from 4:30-6pm for those that just want to meet them and buy a book. But I also am providing readers with one on one time at the luncheon from 1-4pm est. You can have lunch/hangout with some of your favorite authors, network and buy books all at one event.....

Hope to see you there!!
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Sponsorship Opportunities Contact: writingroyaltypromotions@gmail.com