Hot New Author and Publisher Making Moves In The Industry....Byron Carey

WRP: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview for our Blog, I really appreciate it.
Author: Thank you for having me. I'm a fan of the show.
WRP:  Tell us who is author Byron Carey?
Author/Guest: I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, A proud father of two boys. I was an outstanding basketball player that worked my way into the USBL basketball league in 2002.  I am the author of Nowhere 2 Turn and I have Clouded Judgment coming real soon. My mission is to evolve from a destructive past and present the future through expression.
WRP:  Tell us about your books? What genre do you write?
Author/Guest: My first book Nowhere 2 Turn is a urban street novel about two brothers Orlando and Bre on as they take you through the streets of Fort Worth Texas. Clouded Judgment is coming real soon.. With this book, I wanted to show readers a different side of me. It's written from an universal pen, giving your story about Devon, Christian, and Antwon. How they live a lavish life, until their radiance is soon over shadowed by their dark pasts. Money changes things and envy can make or break them. Trust is everything! Therefore who can you trust when the closest person to you are the hardest to judge.
WRP: Has this always been your career choice?  What was your career choice?
Author/Guest: Not really! It's funny when I say that, because coming up as a youth in school my teachers were impressed with my writing. But my plan was professional basketball above all things.
WRP: What inspired you to write?
Author/Guest: A friend of mine inspired me into writing, by telling me I should write a movie. At that point, in my life I didn't understand how. Months later, I sat down and decided to write a book. Which lead to two, three, and etc.
WRP:  Are you self-published or published through a company? What is the name?
Author/Guest: At the moment I’m both. I’m signed with Chappell Publishing, and my own company, Looking Beyond Publication, LLC.
WRP: What was your journey like into the writing industry?
Author/Guest: Being new to the industry has its ups and downs. But I have been blessed to run into great people that has coached, encouraged, and been very supportive in my journey.
WRP:  What was the toughest experience of your journey?
Author/Guest: My toughest experience would be the lack of communication and drive from the company in my earlier work.
WRP: Who is the person that has most influenced your life?
Author/Guest: That would be my Grandmother.
WRP: Do you have any writing rituals? How long does it take you from start to finish?
Author/Guest: I truly do not have any writing rituals. I just put on my headphones and let the music take me on a ride.
WRP: What makes your pen stand out from other authors in the same genre?
Author/Guest: The thing about my pen is I have no boundaries. Everyone has an emotion so I try to reach out and grasp it through my pen.
WRP: What do you want the readers to get out of your work?
Author/Guest: I would like the readers to enjoy it most of all, while uncovering the hidden messages
that are left for the readers.
WRP: Walk us through deadline time for Author Byron Carey?
Author/Guest: Sometimes deadline time can be very demanding.  So it's best to leave plenty room before the actual deadline is due. Things could happen or change.
WRP: Have you ever experienced writer’s block? What do you do, if that happens?
Author/Guest: Of course, I have experienced writer’s block. When it comes, it's truly nothing you can do. Naturally, I'll relax, meditate, and give it a few days. If nothing else, I'll read.
WRP:  Urban fiction has a lot of negative press being a so-called bad influence on the youth and perpetuating black stereotypes. What are your thoughts on that?
Author/Guest: At these times negative energy is every bit real, but a book, music, or anything of the sort should not be able to control your influence.  When it comes to the youth, we as fathers and mothers should be the positive influence in their lives. So sometimes, we need to sit down and look at ourselves.  The youth only does what he or she sees in abundance. True, blacks are stereotyped daily, only because other ethnic groups can't relate or understand.
WRP: As an African American Author, do you see your work as being relatable to a general public?
Author: I write for the general public.
WRP:  Can you tell us about any future projects you are working on?
Author/Guest: Clouded Judgment is my next project that will be coming soon.
WRP:  If people wanted to get in contact with you, how can they find you?
Publisher Questions
WRP: What is the name of your publishing company and how did it come about?
Author/Guest: Looking Beyond Publication Llc. I wanted to be in control of how my work will be published and give my children something to look forward to.
WRP: What inspired the name?
Author/Guest: Actually, my son came up it with the name of my company.
WRP: Why did you want to own your own publishing company?
Author/Guest:  Everything starts with a vision, and I put my all into it. By me being an Author I only felt it was right to stand behind my product.
WRP: What is your company’s overall mission?
Author/Guest: Looking Beyond your hopes and dreams to better achieve a common goal, whether it's through emotional, mental, or the gift of the pen. Every person has a right to express him or herself and present their own reality.
WRP: What are some of the current titles published under your company?
Author/Guest: My book Clouded Judgment is the first book published under my company right now.
WRP: Are you currently accepting submissions?
Author/Guest: Yes.
WRP: For those interested in starting their own publishing company, what advice would you give?
Author/Guest: Take your time and learn all you can about starting a company. It is truly a mass of paperwork and you need to have every bit intact. Other than that, stand firm on your Brand.
WRP: Does your company have a website or Facebook page?
Author/Guest:  Yes, you can follow me under all Social Media as Author Byron Carey
WRP:  If Thank you Author Byron Carey for taking time to do this interview, we wish you nothing but continued success.

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