5 Star Read......Lady Swagger-The Beginning by TKO

Nikki should have known that In a club full of women, anything is bound to pop off. So when she and her best friend Jazz, decides to spend Nikki's 30th birthday at Lady Swagger- A known lesbian hotspot, she catches her girlfriend Dream, dead in the act of cheating. Bent on revenge, Nikki waits for the perfect opportunity to confront Dream, but little does she know, Dream's bite is much more lethal than her bark. A parking lot brawl triggers a chain of events and someone ends up with a body on their hand.

WRP Review
Reviewed by TC
5 Star Read.....
The story line was awesome I felt like I could visualize the characters and was there experience all the ups and downs with them.  I was mad, I was just getting into the book and it ended!I I am currently reading part 2

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