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In the gritty streets of Baltimore, Maryland, there is only one motto that all hustlers live by ... "Only the strong survive in the streets!" Neisha, NaTasha, and Nakita Cromwell are true products of their environment. The girls hustle drugs alongside DeRon, Tyga and Kerry while taking care of their mother Naomi, who is addicted to heroine. Tyga, DeRon, and Kerry were nicknamed Three the Hard Way after the popular 70’s movie. They were partners in crime til the bitter end when Kerry is killed. DeRon and Tyga swear revenge, which ignites one of the bloodiest wars in Baltimore history.
During the war he sends Neisha, NaTasha, Nakita to Atlanta to live with their grandmother. While in Atlanta the girls meet a hustler from the east side named Trey who takes notice of Neisha in more than one way. But before Neisha could enjoy Atlanta or Trey, she gets a call from her mother that DeRon and Tyga had been killed in a deadly gun fight. Neisha and her sisters head back to Baltimore, leaving their new life behind, to take on a murderous mission of revenge to kill Trapp and his crew. Will the Cromwell sisters’ relationship be able to withstand the stress of war and vengeance? Fall in to the pages of Pushed to the Limit and see how far a person will go for loyalty and love...
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