That Is Taking The Literary World By Storm.....The Author And Publisher

That Is Taking The Literary World By Storm.....
The Author And Publisher 

Author Rhys Flint is from Atlanta Georgia,  and lives in northern California with his wife and family .  His Passion for writing started early.  Poems,  short stories, and plays all became an early part of his development. An avid reader,  Rhys enjoys all genres of literature , music,  and Art.  Hobbies include,  sports,  Mixed martial arts, travel and networking. CEO at RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING,  Rhys And his staff are dedicated to bringing the hottest Work Around!

MrzWRP:Thank you for agreeing to do this interview for our Blog, I really appreciate it.
Author: HI! NO Problem, thank you for inviting me, it's my pleasure.
MrzWRP: Tell us, who is author Rhys Flint?
Author/Guest: I'm a very dedicated, ambitious, relentless, hardworking Husband, Father, and Author, in that order. I am from the Atlanta area but I live in northern California.
MrzWRP: Tell us about your books? What genre do you write?
Author/Guest: My books are all different, for instance The Kross Series, which is set to be a trilogy. Devin Kross is an Atlanta attorney who is a high paid assassin. All of the characters have their own places, panache and could easily hold their own as main characters. My next book due out in February it is called Juug men, a story about hustling at its best. Juug means to double or triple the value of something due to the ignorance of the customer; making a profit without loss.
I don't put my writing in any specific genre. It comes out the way it comes. Quite naturally, most of my material fits into an urban genre, but I don't limit myself. I'm actually writing a vampire novel that's way out of my comfort zone, but I love challenges.
WRP: Has this always been your career choice? What was your career choice?
Author/Guest Writing for me started as a way to express myself. I was actually pre-med in college and wanted to go to medical school. Certain events changed my path, but I have no regrets. I have beautiful children and a moderately successful Businessman.
WRP: What inspired you to write?
Author/Guest Well, I’ve always written in one Form or other. I've kept a journal since I was twelve. I write, write write. The inspiration to write novels came from a friend who read a short story that I had written and he literally stood over me while I started my first novel. I found myself at a point in my life where I had free time write and I've been hooked ever since
WRP: Are you self-published or published through a company? What is the name?
Author/Guest I'm CEO of RhysWorld Publishing, so I publish my own work as well as the authors under my house. Some of my authors are Wolfgang Gill, Black Boi, Tristan Shakespeare, Ali the writer, all coming out in the coming months.
WRP: What was your journey like into the writing industry?
Author/Guest After I started writing, I found myself unseasoned and in need of direction. So I read a lot of books by different authors. I read different how-to books and studied all kinds of materials. I travel a lot which actually broadens my visual perspective and my way of thinking. I have encountered some amazing things in the literary world in a short time, which is why I make sure my team is always good, better than good.
WRP: What was the toughest experience of your journey?
Author/Guest Finding out that betrayal is closer to home than you think.
WRP: Who is the person that has most influenced your life?
Author/Guest: This may sound cliché, but my mom. She's the hardest Working person I know besides my wife. She molded me into the man that I am now.
WRP: Do you have any writing rituals? How long does it take you from start to finish?
Author/Guest: I have crazy writing rituals. I have a skullcap and coffee mug that I ain't write without. Theme music is Dmx, “One more road to cross. If I'm focused with no distractions, I can finish a project anywhere between two weeks and a month.
WRP: What makes your pen stand out from other authors in the same genre?
Author/Guest: My pen is on fire. The thing that makes my pen stand out is the man pushing it. I'm a never ending story, so how can it not be Hot?
WRP: What do you want the readers to get out of your work?
Author/Guest: I want my readers to really enjoy my work, I want them to laugh, cry, and get mad at me because there isn't another page to turn.
WRP: Walk us through deadline time for Author Rhys Flint?
Author/Guest: Deadline time for us means organized chaos. Final editing, double final, a lot of cussing and fussing, it always comes together somehow. I love my team.
WRP: Have you ever experienced writer’s block? What do you do, if that happens?
Author/Guest: Most definitely! When I'm blocked, I'll usually exercise or train with some Meditation. That and I spend time with my family.
WRP: Urban fiction has a lot of negative press being a so-called bad influence on the youth and perpetuating black stereotypes. What are your thoughts on that?
Author/Guest: All Urban and hip-hop genres get a bad rap, mostly because they are misunderstood. How can you relate to something, you have never experienced? Urban fiction writers generally pen from life experiences. How can someone write about calamari and clams, skiing in Vermont, when their experiences are different?
WRP: As an African American Author, do you see your work as relatable to a general public?
Author: I don't box myself into one category. My life's experiences have taken me to 48 States and 7 countries so I have a lot in my head. I write what I feel at the time.
WRP: Can you tell us about any future projects you are working on?
Author/Guest: I'm working on the next part in the Kross Series, I’m also working on a vampire novel and it's way out of my comfort zone, but I love a challenge. Also there’s Juug Men 2, Juug League, it's hot.
WRP: If people wanted to get in contact with you, how can they find you?
Author/Guest: You can reach me on most social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, RhysWorld or just say my name loud, I’ll hear you.
WRP: Thank you Author Rhys Flint for taking time to do this interview, we wish you nothing but continued success.

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