New Pen On The Block...... Author Derrick Thomas

WRP: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview for our Blog, I really appreciate it.
Author: You're welcome and thanks for having me
WRP: Tell us who is author Derrick Thomas? 
Author/Guest: I'm just a guy who made a conscious decision to write about my life experiences and things I've witnessed in the streets. I don't reveal actual names and event but growing up in the project of Birmingham Alabama, I've seen a lot. It's given me a flare for storytelling and relay that pretty well through my writing.
WRP: Tell us about your books? What genre do you write?
Author/Guest: The book is comprised of three stories that all come together in an unusual way. I the first story Kanisha is spoil by a hustler named Rashard. He gives her everything she desires but there's a catch. She has to except his other woman Tammy, which she struggles to do. Angel is a young girl in the second story, who finds herself protecting the secret of someone who's abusing her. The secret becomes unbearable the older she gets and eventually everything must come to light. T-Zoe is fresh out of prison in the last story, and he's looking to make some fast money. His decision to rob again could be his last but only time will tell.
WRP: Has this always been your career choice?  What was your career choice? 
Author/Guest: No I'm just a hustler. When God closes one door, another one opens, so hear I am. I also own real estate that I use to collect rent from monthly.
WRP: What inspired you to write? 
Author/Guest: I've noticed for some time now, that I have a knack for storytelling. I'd read other authors novels and I'd find myself imagining how i would've wrote it myself. I also have friends that encouraged me as well.
WRP:  Are you self-published or published through a company? What is the name?
Author/Guest: I'm published through Rhys World Publishing
WRP: What was your journey like into the writing industry?
Author/Guest: I was at a crossroad and felt a strong need to re-invent myself. It hasn’t been easy making all the necessary adjustments but I'm enjoying learning more as I move forward
WRP:  What was the toughest experience of your journey?
Author/Guest: Leaving the streets behind and transitioning into a author. I believe in myself but it's tough leave a world that I've been accustom to for so many years.
WRP: Who is the person that has most influenced your life?
Author/Guest: My grandmother, she was the one who pushed me and taught me to incorporate God in everything I do.
WRP: Do you have any writing rituals? How long does it take you from start to finish?
Author/Guest: I like to put on soft jazz to relay and I don't like to be interrupted when I'm in the zone. It can take upward to six months to a year to complete a novel.
WRP: What makes your pen stand out from other authors in the same genre? 
Author/Guess: I make sure the reader can visualize what I've written by painting pictures with my words. Also, my experiences in life are my truths to share in any way I choose. that can be imitated but never duplicated.
WRP: What do you want the readers to get out of your work?
Author/Guest: I hope readers understand that there's a message in the madness. Secrets Untold will make a person take a hard look at themselves and maybe do some reevaluating
WRP: Walk us through deadline time for Author Derrick Thomas?
Author/Guest: The CEO of Rhys World Publishing and I have a great relationship so there is no deadline pressure however, I'm mindful to get things done in a timely manner.
WRP: Have you ever experienced writer’s block? What do you do, if that happens?
Author/Guest: I may get stuck on which direction to go with a story every now and then but never writer's block. Right now in my career, I have so much I want to convey that it will be a while before I run out of ideas.
WRP:  Urban fiction has a lot of negative press being a so-called bad influence on the youth and perpetuating black stereotypes. What are your thoughts on that?
Author/Guest: I can only speak for myself. I have an agenda to lace my writing with consequences and positive outlooks. I think if authors write with purpose then no matter how gruesome or gritty the story maybe, it can still have a positive outcome in the end.
WRP: As an African American Author do you see your work as being relatable to a general public?
Author: Yes I do but I don't cater to everyone. I write to my own liking and satisfaction and if others can relate, cool
WRP:  Can you tell us about any future projects you are working on?
Author/Guest: I've completed another novel about a young boy growing up in poverty and taking to the street to survive. He finds love and knowledge of self but not before he loses so friends and family as a price of his choices. I have a title for the novel but I'm not ready to reveal it just yet.
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