G Streets Newest Hot Pen.......Author Miss Radiance

WRP: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview for our Blog, I really appreciate it.
Miss Radiance: You are welcomed it is a pleasure.
WRP:  Tell us who is author MISS RADIANCE?
Miss Radiance: Miss Radiance is from a small town in North Carolina. Was raised by her grandmother, found the love of writing at the young age of eleven. Not a woman of very many words, but I love writing. I am the single mother of a little girl who means the world to me, and if its God will I plan to go as far as I can in the world of literature and beyond.
WRP:  Tell us about your books? What genre do you write?
Miss Radiance: I write a variety of genres, the Gangsta Lovin’ Series is urban romance. Gangsta Lovin’ 1 An Epic Love Story is about Courtney Smith a good girl who falls in love with a bad boy Raphael Davis and through the love they share they’re able to change each other lives for the better. Gangsta Lovin’ 2 My Time Now is about Luke Davis the little brother of Raphael Davis who leaves the gang life to follow his dream of being a successful rapper. Through all the temptation coming his way he manages to fall in love and stay committed. Gangsta Lovin’ 3 Against All Odds is the continuation of Gangsta Lovin’ 2 and it follows Luke through his journey as he copes with losing his wife to cancer, dealing with the grief, being a single father, and balancing his fame and fortune and the temptations that come along with that lifestyle.
WRP: Has this always been your career choice?  What was your career choice?
Miss Radiance: Yes ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be able to use my writing to inspire and motivate people the same way it has done for me all these years. However had I not started writing I would’ve been an English or Creative Writing teacher for middle school or high school.
WRP: What inspired you to write?
Miss Radiance: My grandmother she allowed me to use my writing as healing and to give me a voice.
WRP:  Are you self-published or published through a company? What is the name?
Miss Radiance: I was self-published for a while, now I am published to G Street Chronicles
WRP: What was your journey like into the writing industry?
Miss Radiance: When I decided this was something I really wanted to do I started writing and posting chapters on wattpad.com to see how the viewers would respond. When they started telling me I should publish, I went to CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing and put out Gangsta Lovin’. About two in a half years later George Sherman Hudson found me on amazon.com and contacted me with a contract opportunity to publish with a company that had some of my favorite authors already on it and I am grateful to that and my journey still continues and will continue for as long as God will allow.
WRP:  What was the toughest experience of your journey?
Miss Radiance: The promoting and marketing is the hardest part of being in the literary world. Writing a book is the easy part, but getting your name and brand out to the world that takes time, patience, endurance, dedication, and hard work.
WRP: Who is the person that has most influenced your life?
Miss Radiance: The biggest influences in my life right now is NeNe Capri she has helped me in so many ways, there are not enough words to explain the impact she has made in my life.
WRP: Do you have any writing rituals? How long does it take you from start to finish?
MISS RADIANCE: I try to write down my characters and bios first then the synopsis then I let the characters take on a life of their own. It usually takes me about one to three months from start to finish especially if I have no other distractions holding me back.
WRP: What makes your pen stand out from other authors in the same genre?
MISS RADIANCE: My writing stands out because I write to inspire, motivate, and leave a message not just to entertain. Some authors just write to entertain their readers with no passion behind it, I am not that author if I don’t have passion for it I can’t write about it.
WRP: What do you want the readers to get out of your work?
MISS RADIANCE : I want them to know that unconditional love still exist and if you follow your heart yours will come too and with God on your side there nothing you can’t do or achieve.
WRP: Walk us through deadline time for Author Miss Radiance, what is it like?
Miss Radiance: I just follow the deadlines the best I can, by writing everyday even if it’s just a chapter or two.
WRP: Have you ever experienced writer’s block? What do you do, if that happens?
MISS RADIANCE: Yes I experience writers block many times, but when I get like that I just take a step back, let my mind rest and watch movies or read books to motivate me and get my creative juices flowing again. Or I go back over the part of the story I was working on before I got writers block and see if there is a way I can make it better.
WRP:  Urban fiction has a lot of negative press being a so called bad influence on the youth and perpetuating black stereo-types. What are your thoughts on that?
MISS RADIANCE: I don’t think young people under 18 should be reading urban fiction novels anyway. If you look at the cover of any urban fiction novel or read the synopsis or back of the book as a parent you can clearly see that they are not something any young person under 18 should be indulging in. It is not author’s jobs to raise other people kids and we can’t stop doing what we love just because some people are too involved in their own lives to pay attention to what their children are doing.
WRP: As an African American Author do you see your work as being relatable to a general public?
MISS RADIANCE: Yes there is something in my books everyone can relate too
WRP:  Can you tell us about any future projects you are working on?
MISS RADIANCE: I have the rest of the Gangsta Lovin’ Series coming soon, I have a new series in the works and I am currently writing books in other genres that will be coming soon as well. I also plan to be writing articles, and one day I hope to have my own publishing company. In the meantime I am just focused on branding myself as an author.
WRP:  If people wanted to get in contact with you, how can they find you?