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It's About To Go Down....
Tainted 2: Love. Deception. And Murder...March 2015..‪#‎GStreetTrappin‬
Chapter 1.. (unedited sneak peek)...
Flint leaned his ear cautiously to the front door attentively listening for alarming sounds or movement. When nothing came back to him he pulled his gun from his waist and turned the door knob. “Shit,” he mumbled. He looked around the dimly lit area for any witnesses. The night was still and quiet. “Fuck it,” he said as he lifted his foot kicking the door several times until it crashed open sending particles of wood falling hard to the floor. “Raven,” he yelled out as he moved low with his gun tight in hand. When no answer came back his heart skipped a beat and his nerves got uneasy. Creeping slowly up the stairs with his back pressed against the wall he prepared himself for the worst. When he reached the top of the landing a suffocating feeling compressed his chest as his eyes settled the end of the hall. When his eyes settled down at the feet that stuck out past the door frame his heart beat against his chest bone. Quick breaths left his lips as his fears seemed to be a reality. Flint rushed to the figure to see it covered in lacerations and thick crimson. The puddle of blood seeped into the carpet as he stepped over the legs trying to steady his breathing.Flint’s mind became clouded as he brought his hand to his head then reached down to check for a pulse. When he placed two fingers down for any sign of life


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