4 Star Review.....Blood gets thin sometimes

I love Cash as a writer this book was ok I did get lost from time to time but overall I enjoyed the story line....I did like how he bought Q and Colette together but the events that took place were sad...Persia was a hot mess the way she played Q was cold blooded...I like Vashon character a lot he is like a young boss in the making and his relationship wit his girl is cool but as always by them being so young their relationship his not Teflon so I see trouble in part 2 for them. B-Man is grimey his loyalty is not to his brothers at the moment but after the ended I hope he gets it's together and steps up! He has so much envy and resentment towards his brother I hope he can over come it before it kills him and his family....Khalil is a great older brother but other then that I don't like him he really did a number on Rayne I wonder how that will play out...The foundation is set I'm ready for part 2 which will be a banger if I know Cash's pen......


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